Where to start…

I haven’t really talked about what’s been going on in life for a few days, so here’s a bit of catch-up:

If you enjoy the work of William Gibson then I highly recommend watching the biographical documentary “No Maps for These Territories” if you can. It’s a well-made documentary and it is an interesting look at Gibson. And as this is an independent film being released on video/dvd independently, if you can you might want to consider buying the film.

Today I cleaned my “bed clothes” (as some of you seem to call them). I can wash my sheets here, but my comforter needs to go to the laundromat (it’s oversized queen and also overstuffed, so it would burn my washing machine out real-quick-like). It didn’t really need to be washed in the “dirty” sense, but it was shedding lots of little fuzzies and I figured a good wash might get rid of some of that. Unfortunately, though, the dryer I picked was apparently busted and it took me 2 rounds of putting quarters in, leaving, coming back, finding it wet, and repeating before I realized it was busted.. I moved to a different machine and everything was hunky-dory..

Adam and I met up with a bunch of Rovia peeps for lunch at Redbones, which was awesome. Adam and I were supposed to go see Gangs of New York today but the douchebag decided he didn’t feel like going… Hopefully someone will go with me before it exits the theaters, or else I am going to have to go alone, which feels way too Kaczynski for me…

Tomorrow I am going to see Chicago with my new friend Corinna in Harvard Square… Up until this point I have always maintained that I never found Catherine Zeta-Jones that attractive, but the trailers of this film have definately changed this opinion.

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