Mofo ex machina

By the way, the other day I caught the premiere episode of Penn & Teller: Bullshit on Showtime. P&T rip apart various scams and hoaxes in this show, and the first episode focused on “psychics” like John Edward, etc. It’s a great show, and if you get Showtime I highly recommend you check it out (Especially if you like Penn and Teller)

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        1. Whatever you got… VCD, .avi via email, anything really. Putting ’em in your CSH account for 24 hours is probably easiest for me, but whatever is convenient for you.

          1. See the thing is that the process of extracting the video from the Tivo is pretty time consuming.. Take Good Eats: It takes me about 2 hours of processing time to rip, trim, and encode an episode, and much of that requires pretty consistent manual intervention…

            1. I didn’t realize it took you that much time… In that case don’t worry about it. I’ll get someone local to tape ’em for me and then just hang out in their living room for an hour.

              1. That’s cool… If you told me you had no other way to see it, I would figure something out (even if it meant busting out the VCR and putting them to tape), but if you have an easier way, it makes my life easier.. :)

                Never noticed before how we have the same pose in our user icons here on LJ.. :)

    1. Re: Irony for the Ages

      I remembered that article (which is available over here, outside of Google, at (they lost

      At the beginning of the episode Penn said something to the effect of: “You will notice we are using an excessive amount of swearing in this show. This isn’t because we are on Showtime and trying to get ratings, but instead because you can get sued for slander if you call someone a fraud or a phony, but if you call them a motherfucker, they can’t touch you.”

      I got a chuckle out of that…

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