Late night

Just finished “Mona Lisa Overdrive”, and thusly finished Gibson’s “sprawl” books. Tomorrow I start “Virtual Light”…

I should be more tired, but i’m not. Must sleep before the big room gets bright.

2 thoughts on “Late night

    1. Re: How did you like them?

      As i said before, I had read Neuromancer and Mona Lisa Overdrive before and always held them in high regard. That said, the series makes much more sense now that I finally read Count Zero… I mean, Neuromancer always stood on it’s own, but the mystic angles of MLO make so much more sense after reading Count Zero.

      What’s funny is that when reading MLO before (and we are talking 11 or so years ago, when the book was released), any time I read something I just didn’t get, I just figured “Oh, Gibson does that”.. There’s plenty of times in Neuromancer where he just introduces concepts without explaining them or whatnot, so I just figured it was par for the course… In retrospect, I don’t even know how I enjoyed MLO the first time around. :)

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