I forgot to mention that when Rory and I were grabbing lunch this morning the guy behind us actually ordered a “steak and cheese sub and a diet coke”… Like, who is he kidding with the diet coke???

Was ‘sposed to go out tonight and actually get out of the house, but it was cancelled… Her excuse ranked high on my bogosity meter, so perhaps something cooler came along..

I’m having trouble getting to quite a few places on the net, including CSH.. Not sure who’s fault it is.. The traceroute seems to make it all the way to RIT’s edge.. But there seems to be some kind of packet loss to as well, so who knows…

6 thoughts on “Diet

  1. When I worked at BK, people ordered Double Whoppers with cheese and a diet coke all the time. I don’t think THAT many people are diabetic.

    and yeah, RIT was broked.

  2. The packet loss is due to a MS-SQL Worm that is causing up to 95% packet loss on some networks. News about it will hit the wire soon, but I’ve seen a bunch of stuff about it around already.

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