Now this is funny

From the forums:

I took my SK out of my backpack and it had blue ink on the INSIDE of it and had 2 big cracks. I don’t think I dropped it, but that’s not the point really. I thought the SK was all digital and like didn’t have ink in it. I know it’s not from any of my pens because it was inside of the screen and I checked the back totally clean you wouldn’t be able to tell. Just a curious question.

BTW does anyone know the email for Amazon to get an item replaced?

6 thoughts on “Now this is funny

  1. you know that LCD panels work by lots of microscopic druids with pens of erasable ink drawing out all of the pixels. That’s why when it gets cold, it works slower… all of the druids are cold, tired, and shivering.

    Leave it in your pocket, and you might crush them, causing their ink to spill.

    Similarly, if you have an old gameboy and accidently left it in the car, the druids take time out and go a little loopy and draw lots of vertical lines. eventually though, they get used to it, and start drawing the right stuff on the screen.


        1. I won’t even get into the badness that is an Etch-A-Sketch. Every time you erase the screen, it kills druids. that’s why each time it’s not quite as good as the previous time.

          some of them try to escape too… through the knobs usually.

          silver colored druids.

          it’s sad, really.

          1. That’s why I once when on a Delta Force druid extraction from a Etch-A-Sketch interrment camp… With the fortunate help with a powerdrill I was able to liberate the prisoners with few casualties…

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