My building has every convenience

Well, I am still working on Count Zero, but I have been making fantastic progress… My previous attempts at the book have sadly stalled around page 30.. This time I was finally drawn in and have been screaming through the book.. My goal is toread a sprawl book a week until I have run out.. So far I am still on schedule, although I am going to have to get cracking to finish this book in the time left..

I was going to head over to non_pod tonight to record another show for Jon’s documentary… But I started feeling funky and decided that a noise show probably wouldn’t be that good of an idea… So I lent the camera to Jon and will just edit the footage once I get it back…

Rory entered some Warcraft III tournament the other day, not sure when it starts but it sounds like his chances are pretty good in it.. It is a US only tournament, and he has a really great rating (he just handed the 4th ranked player his ass a few minutes ago). I guess the grand prize is $5000 or something like that, so it would be great if he won it.. He might as well enter, as he plays the game as if it were his second job.. :P

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