Last night Matt, Frances, and Karen descended upon our fine little villa for a surprise attack. It was Karen’s birthday and apparently the plan was to go out for a “night on the town”, but nobody in our fine little villa knew about said plans.. So after some confusion we got all dressed up and went out for drinks and fun. It’s always cool to hang out with that gang, and it was especially notable because Adam and Helen came along for the festivities this time.

Does anyone know how to edit keymaps in WinXP? I have been using the USB keyboard from the Mac on both machines, but some of the modifier keys are swapped, and I figured I would just edit the keymap and fix the situation..

I think my goal this weekend is to finish Count Zero, the sprawl book that I have never been able to finish.

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    1. Re: Does anyone know how to edit keymaps in WinXP?

      Thanks muchly, that should definately do the trick (although it would be nice if the visual tool still existed..)

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