Try as hard as you may, all cell phone companies suck

I called on Sunday to arrange the replacement of my Sidekick. The guy asked what address I wanted it sent to, and I asked him how long it would take to arrive, since I was leaving for NJ. He said that I could pay $15 for overnight shipping, and I said “well, if it can be here by Tuesday than I want it shipped to Cambridge”. He said that wouldn’t be a problem, so I paid the $15.

Fast forward to today, and the phone still hasn’t arrived. I call T-Mobile to ask where the hell it is, and they tell me it hasn’t even shipped yet. I ask if I can have it redirected to NJ, and they tell me no. So they sold me the $15 fast ship option by lying to me, and now I am fucked. So I have to leave money behind so hopefully one of my roommates can ship the phone to NJ once it finally arrives Friday or whenever… Complaint time is a-coming..

3 thoughts on “Try as hard as you may, all cell phone companies suck

  1. not totally offtopic, but have you heard anything about color sidekicks?

    i am almost to the point of needing a new phone, but I figured I’d wait until I heard news about the next gen..

    any word?

    if they had a color bluetooth one my prayers would be answered..

    rumor has it bort has ssh on his too :)~

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