Adam and I operated as planned, and we started skiing around noon today… Because we started at noon I got a discount on the lift ticket (half day)… We skiied until 2:30p, which doesn’t sound like alot but when there are no lift lines and you haven’t skiied in years it adds up. It also didn’t help that I biffed like crazy and thought I broke my leg at one point. Adam fell at the same time and agreed that the trail was WAY too icy. While that is a fine excuse for him, I know that the fall was my fault.. :P

It’s still sore as hell, about 4 inches below the knee, but I am pretty sure it is just really bruised. Of course, my history with skiing injury dictates that I need to suck it up and finish the day, which is exactly what I did.

It was a great day, but it was so, so cold… There was NO sun on the mountain and it was 3 degrees at the summit (around 20 at the base). The wind stung so badly and by 2:30 my fingers started to feel really numb even through my gloves. I decided to pack it in, and adam was cool with that, cuz the mountain closed at 3:30 anyway.

I haven’t gotten my replacement hiptop yet, which is annoying because I was using it for long distance, etc. It should come tomorrow, so I will probably stick around boston until it shows up… I will have to see in the morning how I feel about driving, though, because while my leg was fine driving back from NH, my ass is really sore from slamming into the ice on that fall.

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