Wasting Time With Wookies

So FUMN went down this weekend, and I have to say that I disappointed myself… While Sick was a carousing success, and Female Trouble seemed well received (even if some thought it was too long), many thought that The Short Films of David Lynch were a bit tough to sit through (and most of the griping was about his introductions)… I think I let my film snobbery get the best of me on that one…

But the biggest disappointment for me was the Star Wars Holiday Special. I spent a few bucks getting this tape, I expected it to be “funny bad”, but it was just bad… There was simply not a single redeeming quality about this film, and forcing people to sit through it at 2am was pure evil. I simply have to do a much better job in the spring when FUMN returns again….

But all of that aside, the weekend was tons-a-fun… It was cool getting to hang out with Karen, Frances, and Matt as a group again, and then tossing many of my rochester friends into the mix just made the weekend better (wookies aside).

Karen came to Boston instead of going home Sunday night, and we were able to catch up on the Sopranos, do some shopping, and go to the egyptian exhibit at the MOS… The exhibit was cool, but I wish it was bigger given the money it cost… It is advertised as the largest collection of egyptian antiquities ever to tour North America, but both of us felt it seemed small..

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