Why do people still care about Linda Perry?

Got home last night and just chilled, had a sub from 3 and 1 for dinner which was good (even if I forgot to ask for mustard..)… I also managed to break something within an hour of arriving home… I went into the bathroom and noticed that one of the light bulbs was dead… I unscrewed the decorative nut that held the globe up, held it in my left hand, and in my right hand held the globe. I unscrewed the bulb with my left hand but in the process dropped the nut into the globe, shattering it… No injuries, but now I have to go out and find another globe before tomorrow’s festivities…

Today I have to prepare the brine, as well as help my mother pick up her new car which is ‘sposed to be ready this afternoon…

4 thoughts on “Why do people still care about Linda Perry?

    1. I did a test-run (release candidate, as I called it) of the turkey at my apartment a week or two ago. I did the brine, and I really think it helped… Not as much with the flavor, as I really didn’t taste much of a difference, but with the juiciness of the bird… It was REALLY moist, even as cold leftovers out of my fridge (my favorite part of the turkey).

      1. very cool. :D

        Pam and I have decided to do it next year.

        Chris and Tina are brining their turkey this year. THey’re also making the cranberry dipping sauce that Alton made. yum.

        can’t wait to try the leftovers! :9

        1. I decided to skip the sauce, my sister was already reluctant to let me muck around with the turkey formula she is used to (she is extraordinarily picky), so if I screwed around with something else I might have gotten disowned…

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