Sean Graham, Veteran Stuntman

Spent the weekend in CT helping move out of her parents’ house and into her new apartment. Everything went surprisingly smoothly, even though there was lots of time spent driving between the houses (was about a 60-90 minute trip each way). I got out there Saturday night, we picked up a truck (which I had the “honor” of driving.. at least I didn’t need to ride in the back this time… :P) and drove it to the storage locker where all her apartment stuff was being stored… Then back to her house to pick up some more stuff… Unfortunately, the ice rain had already started, so it was rather precarious getting out of the driveway (which is somewhere between a green dot and a blue square)… My master driving got out of there in one piece, though.. We only used the truck for one trip, but we repeated the trip a few times..

Not to say there was no fun, though… We watched Basquiat, but it sucked so badly that we didn’t even finish it (although we were really tired…).. Bowie was fantastic in it, however… The next night we went out and caught Red Dragon, which really surprised me… Was it an unnecessary remake of Manhunter? Yes. Was it better than Manhunter? No. Was it still a pretty good film when considered on it’s own? Yes. Did it have way too many shots of Ralph Fiennes ass? Definately.

Anyway, I had lots of fun spending time with Karen this weekend, even it lots of the time was spent schlepping her shit in and out of buildings.. (just kidding.. :P) :) I got back into town last night and was really tired so I didn’t do anything other than pick up my copy of Metroid Prime and beat it around for a little bit.. Seems like a really cool game…

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