Wonderful Hickville Pennsylvania

In an hour or so I am heading out with Mom to visit my kid sister, Aimee, at her new apartment in Bloomsburg… I haven’t been out to her school since before I moved to Boston, and it will be nice to see where she is living these days… I guess the plan is to show up between two of her classes, hang out for awhile, keep busy while she is in her evening class, then go out to dinner afterwards.

I am heading back to Boston tomorrow morning… I am have a ticket for the 1pm bus from Penn Station which should place me in Boston around 5pm… Not sure exactly what is going on this weekend, but I am supposed to get together with at some point to celebrate her graduation…. That is all probably contingent on how well her shelter quest goes…

I had better take a shower before my mom comes home with breakfast (Taylor Ham & Cheese!!!)

2 thoughts on “Wonderful Hickville Pennsylvania

    1. well, it’s similar to canadian bacon, but cut really thin… It’s common on breakfast sandwiches in diners here in the tri-state area… I can’t find it in Boston, so it might be regional…

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