Little Self-Esteem Booster

Back a few days after 9/11 the owners of this building took photos of everyone for id badges. Today, more than a year later, they have finally delivered the badges…

In the photo I look like a giant fat-ass, which is a nice reminder of how much weight I have lost in the past year… It is a nice feeling. :)

2 thoughts on “Little Self-Esteem Booster

  1. Good for you Sean! I’ve lost 5 pounds but its not nearly close to my target weight. But all that walking you’ve done is helping. I can’t wait to see you! The new you!!!

    1. The walking is helping, but the real difference comes from the vast decrease in coke consumption…

      My day used to go like this:

      Get to work, pop the cap on a coke, finished before lunch and quickly replaced.

      Leave for lunch, large coke with lunch, always finished.

      Return, finish off the coke I started before lunch, Get another. Repeat 1 or 2 more times before leaving.

      Dinner with Coke, and 2 or 3 more before bed….

      Now I only drink one with lunch, one with dinner, and occasionally another floater some other time in the day. The rest of the time it’s water…

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