How I handle my mail on the hiptop

A few people have been asking me how I have been handling reading my many mail accounts on the Hiptop. I hope to explain this here so I can just point people who are interested at this entry… It may or may-not be interesting to you, but remember, I don’t give a shit. Shut up or I will give you leprosy

First things first, even before I got the Hiptop I have been forwarding all of the mail I get to my CSH address, regardless of it’s initial destination. I have some boring procmail rules to do stuff like move mail forwarded from my ancient GTI address to a seperate mailbox, since that one is pretty much 99.9% spam these days, and also some special processing to shove mail from each of the mailing lists I am on into individual mailboxes (per list, not per message :P). Fairly pedestrian stuff… After that stuff, I have a few rules to seperate out mail from people who mail me alot or people who’s mail is super-important so I can view it in the priority they deserve.

So that was my setup until yesterday, and to accomodate the hiptop, I have made one small change:

# Copy the rest of the messages to the Hiptop

I have placed this rule AFTER all of my spam and mailing list processing, but before everything else. It simple bounces a copy of any messages making it past the first few rules to the phone, but continues processing the message for local delivery as well. This means that I get all of the mail I would want to read on the road, and very little of the mail that I don’t want to read… It also means I get two copies of some mail, and the “read” status isn’t synced between then…. Oh well, no big deal in my book… If I read something on the road, it is still marked as new when I get tethered, but it doesn’t take me more than a second for each message to save it away to the archive (I archive most of my mail). In addition, since I am not making two copies of the spam and mailing list mail, this only works out to a few dozen messages each day, which isn’t that difficult to process.

So there it is…

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