I’m losing it

I have noticed a disturbing trend lately… When watching a show on the tivo, it often takes a commercial or two before I realize that I need to start fast-forwarding…. So I need to correct this…

2 thoughts on “I’m losing it

  1. I recently started babysitting my niece two nights a week (her mom got a new job with odd hours). So I had my TiVo tape 7 or 8 different cartoons she likes, KAM 2, Basic quality. So far it’s not caused a problem and I can mess with my laptop while she watches cartoons.

    From what I hear though, she’s getting upset that she can’t pick what cartoon she gets to watch when she’s at home, since they have no tivo. And she yells at me when I forget to fast-forward through commercials. So I’m going to work on getting her to use the remote. I’m just afraid she’ll remove my shows and tell it to record cartoon network 24/7.

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