I’m so domestic

Taking advantage of todays beautiful weather I took a walk over to the mall to grab lunch as well as to run some errands. I got some gizmos for the GBA (some eReader games as well as the doohickey to hook it up to the GCN). I also stopped by the T-Mobile booth to pester them about buying the Sidekick (a.k.a. Danger Hiptop) which is being released on Tuesday, so hopefully I will be able to pick one up then. I also got some new towels and washcloths as the ones I have had for years now have finally started to get beat. Finally I found the style of undies I have been looking for at the Gap (first, and hopefully last time I shop in that store; they aren’t even linkworthy).

Strangely enough, I am hungry again, but I am actually not even sure what time I ate lunch, so perhaps it isn’t so strange

2 thoughts on “I’m so domestic

  1. Wow! That Sidekick looks really cool. I just signed up with T-Mobile this month, if you get one, do one of your nifty reviews (re: the ipod review). Yay for cool compact communication gadetry!

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