Shifting Sleep Schedules

I was really tired Sunday night, so I went to bed at 11pm, which of course screwed up my sleep schedule tremendously and I was pretty much wide awake at 5am. I managed to coax myself back to sleep until 8:30a when a construction worker from next door rang the doorbell until someone answered. He was (very kindly) letting Matt and Adam know that their cars needed to be moved or else Mr. Officer was going to tow them… Unfortunately I am neither Adam nor Matt, both of whom live a floor closer to the front door than I, yet I was the one who answered the door.. So they are very lazy, and were on my shit list for a little while (although Matt quickly escaped the shit list with the aforementioned Krispy Kreme goodness).

Work wasn’t too bad today… I had to track down a bug or two in my last project, which is so close to release I might as well start referring to it as “The Outlook Plugin”.. That’s right Outlook… I had to write a plugin for Outlook… Don’t laugh, it was like passing kidney stones made from broken glass bottles. Anyway, the formal QA cycle began today and a few quickie bugs turned up so I turned them around all-speedy-like.. I also ran some test plans, which is never fun, but it isn’t so bad when someone competant is managing the QA process. It is also more fun when you find bugs in code owned by someone on the aforementioned shit list. :)

Met Jon Whitney in Harvard Square at a tapas restaurant named Iruna, which was pretty good, even if it was a bit pricey for lunch. I picked up two used Coil CDs at Twisted Village, “Time Machines” and “How to Destroy Angels” for $10 a piece… Gotta love that Twisted Village

One of my friends keeps bothering me to vote for Warren Tolman in the Democratic Primaries next week. Each time I explain to this person that I couldn’t vote for Warren if I wanted to as I am not registered as a Democrat. Each time this person nods their head and says “Oh Yeah!”, and then proceeds to wait 24 hours before bugging me again. Today I wigged out on said person and told them that if they asked again I was going to start campaigning against the guy, so hopefully that will stop the idiot from bothering me again… :P

I saw someone on a motor scooter get hit by a car on the way home, but it didn’t seem like there were any life threatening injuries… I saw a bit of road rash, but the rider seemed to be in OK shape… Hopefully the paramedics agreed..

By the way, in Wet Hot American Summer one of the characters was wearing a T-Shirt that read “Betty Jane Tavern – Best Fire Water in Lake Hopatcong”… Hopatcong is my home town in NJ… I have never heard of this tavern, though, so perhaps it is defunct… The hometown plug made me happy nonetheless…

Ok, it’s probably time for beddie-bye now… Here’s to hoping I get my iPod tomorrow (although it shipped from Taiwan, so I don’t know exactly when it will arrive)

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