6 thoughts on “So i’m NOT the only one

  1. I agree with his (and your) sentiment about “blog”… hate that word, myself.

    But he’s missed the point of “wiki” completely, I think…

    1. especially since Wiki is a Hawaiian word, so it is therefore not contrived… :)

      And at least wiki is a novel concept, unlike weblogs, which are glorified diaries.

    2. Some of the mailing lists I’m on get into HUGE rants about this. Mainly cause this one guy calls himself a “blogger”.

      Myself, i just can’t ever see wanting to refer to myself that way. It does NOT sound like a compliment.

      I can see coming up with contractions, but weblog->blog? Come on…. one whole syllable saved.

      1. I remember from the Sega Genesis that the
        manual for the “Earthworm Jim” game had a joke
        along the lines,

        You’re so cool, you refer to him as
        “EWJ” even though it’s more syllables.

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