Shine Get

Played a bit of Super Mario Sunshine and Super Monkey Ball 2 once I finally got home this evening…. It’s games like this that make me happy I invested in the GameCube.

I only played a bit of SMB2, because it really shines in multiplayer and no one was around… The single player “story mode” is really funny… There is some great engrish floating around, as well as an absurd plot, but it is pretty funny… They have made the single player mode way-less annoying than it was in the first game, but it is still only a little fun.. The real fun in the game comes from the mini-games… Fortunately, 6 of the 12 mini games are unlocked from the get-go, but unfortunately the other 6 aren’t.. This means you have to play through the single-player accumulating points to unlock the other games. I hate this style of gaming, if I buy a game, I should be able to play it how I feel. I shouldn’t be forced to play the single player mode if I don’t want to… But I digress..

SMS is amazing, I played it for a few hours and it totally sucked me in… The premise is no less absurd than SMB2, but the game is so fun and beautiful it makes up for it.. It looks like a big game, too, so I hopefully will get to play it for awhile… My one complaint about Luigi’s Mansion was how short it was… Luigi was way-fun, but too short, so hopefully they have learned from their errors…

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    1. Yeah, that was a pretty good one… Unfortunately the US version of the game doesn’t have the engrish “Shine Get” phrase, but it’s still fun as hell…

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