10 thoughts on “Phew

        1. I think you mean cleartype, and it doesn’t do that on my monitor. Cleartype is meant for an LCD panel, first off, so it doesn’t look quite as good on a CRT. Second, you can tweak it to your liking and to optimal performance on your monitor.

          1. er… cleartype.. yeah. my bad.

            regardless, get out an xmag or something similar… your mozilla is doing that to your text… (you can see it in that screen grab, which is quite amusing, btw…) if you’re not on an LCD, you might want to turn that off…

            1. if you’re not on an LCD, you might want to turn that off…

              Um, no, for two reasons:

              First of all, it looks better. I explicitly turned it on, It is off by default.

              Second of all, I did whip out the Magnifier when I was changing the settings for ClearType. And I just whipped it out again, and studied the image, and again, it looks fine.

              Lay off the crack, jer.

            2. If you are talking about the subtle aliasing only visible at 9x magnification, then yes, there is a slight blue and red hint. But is that noticable after proper tweaking on your monitor? no. It also doesn’t change the fact that it looks better.

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