I took a picture of myself with my digital camera… Notice the sexy pose (oh yeah, you might as well notice the new glasses too).

During the (first) power outage, Adam, Rory, and I headed over to The Good Life for a few drinks and some air conditioning… The power stayed out from 10pm until around 12am… It was still on at 2:15a when I went to bed, but around 4:30am my UPS started beeping and the power once again went out for another 45 minutes to an hour..

I am working from home today so I have a chance to do the laundry and packing that I couldn’t do during the power outage…

6 thoughts on “Auto-portrait

    1. Weird… These glasses were a stretch for me…. It took some serious convincing from the two fashion-enabled men that ran the store before I chose these…

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