The Power of Independent Trucking

Amy took off this morning and I rolled into work a few minutes ago… To elaborate on this weekends events:

  • Dentist’s office informed me that my OLD dental insurance wouldn’t cover the porcelain on the two crowns, so I am out another 600 bucks.. Suck.
  • Dentist’s office also informed me that the lab that makes the crowns suspected that the mold taken last time wasn’t correct so they didn’t put porcelain on either crown so the dentist could verify if they were correct. One was, one wasnt, so a new set of molds had to be taken and both crowns sent off for finishing. So I have to wait another 3 weeks… re-suck
  • Picked up the following CDs:
    • Big Black – Songs About Fucking (to replace the copy that disappeared while living at CSH)
    • Ween – The Pod
    • Ween – 12 Golden Country Greats
    • Múm – finally we are no one
  • Spent another $400 on the eye exam and new glasses… Went with a different look… I hope I don’t look like an ass…. (Update: I have to wait until mid-week for the new glasses to be finished)
  • Saw Blue Velvet and Lost Highway at the Brattle. Blue Velvet is one of my favorite films, but I was never able to make it thru Lost Highway awake… This time I made it, though, and it wasn’t that bad…. Definately not one of David Lynch’s finest films, but not that bad either… The soundtrack was weak…

So all in all, I spent too much money on my head this weekend.

2 thoughts on “The Power of Independent Trucking

    1. I guess I never made it clear that they aren’t ready yet…. I was told that they would be ready sometime this week… Hopefully it will be by Thursday Afternoon, since I am leaving for my trip to Rochester Thursday night… I will try and get a picture up once they are in…

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