I went to the mall for lunch to get some underwear and after hitting up a few different stores I came out empty handed… Apparently my preferred style of boxers (with the [usually] grey flat elastic) has fallen out of favor or something, because they have been pretty damn hard to find the past year or so… I am not entirely convinced this is the case however, since the stores I visited simply had a small underwear selection altogether…. Anyone know where I am supposed to buy underwear?

While I was there I stopped in the Apple store and browsed around again… I was amazed to find so many butt ugly computers in once place… I still find myself thinking that the only attractive Macs are the towers these days… I played around with the iBook for awhile and found that it’s trackpad made me want to throw the damn thing against the wall.. The anal-retentive core of my being wants to use the direct center of the trackpad at all times, but since it is so wide when my thumb drops to rest it taps the pad and makes the cursor jump.. The Powerbooks were fairly nice, but they don’t seem to have changed construction much (which is a good thing, imho). I still would want 2 mouse buttons….

OSX is still too slow with it’s various overapplications of flair… Is there any way to turn that crap off? All other things aside (price being most notable), that has to be one of the major things that drives me up a wall with OSX… Giving consideration to form is definately important, but when the form gets in my way and becomes distracting and cumbersome, then it is just a hassle…

4 thoughts on “Lunch

  1. You can turn most of the eye candy off. It’s actually not a bad operating system, but it does take some getting used to before you get comfortable with it. I never really did, though.

  2. The iBook trackpad drove me up the wall too, but like anything, you get used to it and don’t drop your thumb like that. A quick look in the System Preferences doesn’t show any easy way of killing off the flair tho.

    Personally, I’m really happy with my iBook, tho performance can be a bit lacking at times.

  3. I agree with the touchpad issue. In fact, that tends to happen to me on most computers with touchpads, which is why I am happy my old thinkpad doesn’t have one. I also agree that the towers are the only Apple machines that aren’t ugly.

  4. as much of a PC zealot as i am, after using a graphite g4 for a weekend, i was real close to wanting one (okay, i’ll take whatever the next gen is :))

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