Vacation Update

Have not updated much lately, mostly because I am enjoying my “vacation”. Last night Matt and I made some fantastic chicken on the grill. We made a Red Rub and “Mutha’s Sauce” from the Dinosaur Barbecue Cookbook, and let me tell you, that was the best damn barbecue chicken I have had in my life (Including the barbecue chicken I have had AT the Dinosaur). The recipe for the rub yielded a large pizza shaker’s (plus a small tupperware container) worth of rub, and the BBQ sauce recipe yielded 7 cups of sauce… Tonight we made steak using the rub and sauce on the grill and it was fantastic. My plan of cooking on the grill every night of this vacation is panning out well so far. =)

After taking a post-world-cup nap this morning, Matt and I headed out to get some Jamba Juice, and while we were there stopped by Kitchen’s Etc., where I bought a Digital Kitchen Scale and Matt got a Canning Kettle (he is following my footsteps and making fresh jam tonight!). We also stopped by Toys R Us where Matt was tempted by the Radio Control Rock Climber (yes, you read that correctly).

After some kitchen cleanup I will probably end up playing some Neverwinter Nights tonight.

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