Seems like such a long weekend, I guess that’s because it sorta was… I stayed up Thursday night to watch the Brazil vs. England game at 2:30a, then slept until 7am to watch the US vs. Germany game (screw germany and their handballs), but only watched the first half because I had a 9am dentist appointment. I was actually falling asleep in the dentist’s chair, which I can’t even believe was possible.. He fitted me with a temporary crown, and I have to go back in two weeks for another temporary crown. Before they fit that one, they are taking the mold for the permanent crowns… So I am going to have these tempoary crowns for like a month, which sucks, because they are somewhat uncomfortable. (Started this entry before lunch, and while I was at lunch, the temp crown fell off…. This should be fun…)

Bought a grill on Sunday, and made some chicken breasts marinated in Worcestshire sauce, salt, and pepper, which came out really good…

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