I’m tired (Guess I never clicked “Post Entry”.. :P)

Four hours of sleep and a root canal later, I am still really tired…. There was some concern at the Endodontist that they would have to axe the tooth, but he decided that it was worth saving… Which is a good thing. =)

I got my SliMP3 player before I left this morning and was able to play with it for a minute or two before getting drilled… I wish I had heard about this thing earlier, it seems to be one of the coolest MP3 toys I have seen to date… The display is beautiful and the sound is great! I will give a full opinion tonight, but I can already say it is worth checking out….

2 thoughts on “I’m tired (Guess I never clicked “Post Entry”.. :P)

  1. Waaahh! This is what I’ve been waiting for – my dream device! Please do let us know what you think. I’ve been saying for months, “If only someone made a … [describe slimp3 here]…”

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