Tivo’s first letdown

My Tivo upgraded itself to the new 3.0 software last night, but it unfortunately did this in the middle of a scheduled recording. Even though it was recording the USA vs. South Korea game, it decided to reboot itself at 3am to load the new software. Seems to me it would have been a bit more graceful to make sure there were no scheduled recordings before rebooting… Fortunately they reran the game this afternoon….

It also seems that the Tivo Web Project has released a beta of their software that is compatible with 3.0… I will give it a shot and see if it works well, but first I have to get telnetd running again (it went away during the upgrade from 2.5->3.0, but I expected that).

2 thoughts on “Tivo’s first letdown

  1. Mine updated last night too.. and I too need to get it up and running again. Unfortunately, my Turbonet card is affected by that obnoxious C20 reset bug, so I need to crack it open and short out a cap every time it power cycles.


  2. Suckage; you’d think they could just implement something like “pending reboot”; you know, wait until the current recording is off and there’s nothing scheduled for, like, five minutes.

    Oh well, at least you wound up catching the rebroadcast…

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