Now that’s what I call rest!

I needed that…. =) Woke up an hour or two ago, ate a fluffernutter for lunch, watched an episode of Connections, and now I am going to get to work… I needed a good recharging sleep after this week of hell… =)

Hope you enjoyed yesterday’s poll…. My “cousin” David mailed me that picture the other day, and I just thought there were so many amusing things in the picture…. Hopefully my sisters aren’t too offended… =)

Gib’s barbeque was fun…. Matt and I represented our apartment, and Pete Vetere and his Fiancee (whose name I already forget since I am awful with names… =), Steve Bower, Gib, Jen, and later on Doc and Monica came by… It was good having an evening of not-work for awhile and seeing some faces that don’t live in my apartment or work with me.. =)

I recently made a custom 404 page for my two domains…

Ok, I said that my project would be ready for QA by Monday morning, so it is time to kick it out.

9 thoughts on “Now that’s what I call rest!

  1. Ooooooooo!!!

    Me want me want me want me want!!!!!!

    (Although my A4000 desktop goesn’t have the guru meditation errors. I kinda miss those, they gave the OS some character. :) )

    Couple quickies…is that javascript supposed to actually DO anything? And it looks like you’ve got a few squares of black that are a titch “off” from the rest of the black. Upper right corner of the blinking box.

    1. Re: Ooooooooo!!!

      The javascript sends the user to the root of the webserver when they click the left mouse button. Since the guru says “Press left mouse button to continue.”

      I figured it had better continue when the user presses the left mouse button. =)

      As far as the off colors you speak of, I just zoomed in at 800% in the Gimp and didn’t see them…

          1. Re: Ooooooooo!!!

            I’m glad to see that Javascript is living up to Java’s reputation: Write once, debug everywhere.

            (Yes, I know Javascript has about as much to do with Java as DOS has with operating systems… but it’s still a crock of a standard and deserves the same abuse)

            1. Re: Ooooooooo!!!

              Oh, it’s not even the standard’s fault…. Sure, it is a shitty language, but if everyone simply wrote their JS engines to the standard we wouldn’t have problems like this.

              Of course, I really don’t give a fuck whether the JS on my 404 page works… =)

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