That’s the magic number

Warm in the office today… Oh well… Slept in a bit today after staying up late again… Went to the mall for lunch with my co-workers, ended up eating at the new “Latin Grille” at the food court… Had jerk chicken, it was pretty good for food court food… Ran into the next-door neighbor there, apparently he says he eats there every day.. Sounds like it could get very boring…

Picked up UHF on DVD, which was released today… I look forward to watching it tonight, as it has been years since I have seen it (I originally saw it in the theater). It was out of print for awhile, even on VHS, which is a travesty, because I think it is one of the funniest films….

Work is throwing a company outing to F1 Boston tomorrow, apparently we have reserved a track for a company tournament… Even though I am bad at driving those carts I am sure it will be lots of fun…

12 thoughts on “That’s the magic number

      1. well more like crappy.

        chuck picked one up said theres not even any liner notes or anything, just a case that looks like it was designed on an amiga and a dvd in there

        like the hackers and other genero 9.99$ dvds

        but beggers cant be choosers, besides its not like i was expecting DTS sound or anything :)

        1. I think your friend is retarded… Sure the are no liner notes, but do most “bargain” or “shady” dvd’s have deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes featurettes, Commentary tracks (with Al, Jay Level, Michael Richards, Emo Phillips, and Victoria Jackson), Music Videos, and other stuff?

            1. Man, that’s almost as bad as being from philly… At least in NJ you don’t have to put up with douchy musicians like the Dead Milkmen and the Bloodhound Gang…

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