Kitchen Computer

Here’s the dilly on the aforementioned touchscreen system: It’s an ADS Graphics Client Plus, except with a 12.1″ Sharp LQ12S41 LCD with a 4-wire touchscreen on it. The computer attached is a PC-104 board with a StrongARM SA-1100 onboard, as well as ethernet (and lots of other stuff, read the docs if you are interested). As I said before, my goal would be to have a nice, simple, internet appliance mounted to the kitchen wall to fetch recipes and stuff…. Geeky? Sure… But it should be a fun project…

I think I am aiming for a cheap project, though, so I am probably going to get embedded linux installed on the thing instead of dealing with licensing VxWorks, QNX, or Wince… We will see how it goes, though… I don’t yet have the flash card so I can’t boot it…. I am not sure what is installed on there now.

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    1. Andres, my boss (well, not my DIRECT boss, but..) GAVE it to me… It was for an old prototype back when my company was considering producing ebook hardware (fortunately, that idea hit the shitter). A few weeks ago we talked about him selling it to me for a couple hundred bucks, but last week he came in and said “I have been thinking about it, and I want you to have this”…

      So bonus!

      But so far he hasn’t been able to find the flash card that was used to boot it, so I haven’t tested it… According to the ADS website, their ports of linux to the hardware only support 640×480 graphics, which might be kinda shitty, since the unit runs at 800×600… I will have to play with it.

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