Makes me feel young again

Stayed up working until 5am… Haven’t done that in awhile… Definately behind a bit but catching up slowly…. Next weekend will probably be a doozy as well…

But I get to take a break tonight and see Star Wars again in the digital theater…. couldn’t make it (sorry about the badness, Joe), so Matt is going to go with me to pick up Joe’s ticket… Should be a swell time…

5 thoughts on “Makes me feel young again

  1. Again? I heard the new star wars was pretty bad. But you liked it enough to see it again eh? Hmm… maybe I’ll go after all. Read several reviews though, and they all trashed it. Wasn’t planning on going.

    1. Don’t listen to them. Think about it… It’s a Star Wars movie, they have never been _good_…. The acting has always been bad, the plot has always been cheesy, the aliens have always been corny…. Star Wars is awesome for all these reasons. It is an entertaining action movie with cool special effects.

      1. You know what? That is a GREAT point. Thanks. I’m going. I don’t mind kicking back for cheese … I just don’t want to feel ripped off.

        1. No problem… It’s really bothered me alot lately about how people are slagging the movie so much without looking at the bigger picture…. Sure there are corny elements in this film… Sure the acting leaves something to be desired…. But so have the other 4 films…

          The magic of Star Wars is something special to me…. Alot of nostalgia, I’m sure, but I can’t exactly quantify the rest…. I mean, and I am not the first person to say this, there is very little difference between Star Wars and the old serials like Flash Gordon other than production values…. I think Star Wars is able to tap into a part of me that just likes fun stories with lots of action. But fortunately there is no need to analyze such things…..

          1. You’re right. Must really suck for Lucas to have these kinds of expectations sitting on his shoulders. Must make it really hard to just have fun with it.

            Although Star Wars is and always has been much more than just a Flash Gordon series, but I see what you’re saying.

            Chill out everyone!

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