Surprise of the Clones

Ok kids… I have to say, that while I expected Episode II to be better than Episode I, I was really suprised by it…. Sure some of the dialogue and acting sucked, but this was a Star Wars film, did you expect otherwise? I was on the edge of my seat, and I can’t wait to go see it again on Monday in the DLP theater….

Things that ruled:

  • First things first: Yoda was fucking bad-ass. No other way of describing it.
  • The big jedi battle was awesome….
  • They are getting much better at the CG…. While there were still a few places where I was knocked out of my suspension, mostly it was good
  • Natalie Portman. Nuff Said

Things that sucked:

  • Jar-Jar, although it was great to hear Padme cut him off…. He got played like a tool later in the film
  • Man, some of the dialog was awful
  • They should have shown Anakin rage out on the Bespin’s a bit more….
  • Natalie Portman didn’t get naked. (Ok, I wasn’t really expecting that one).

I consider Lucas as redeemed, and I am really looking forward to the last film…. I just wish the DVDs for 4, 5, 6 were out….

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