emusic.com is cool

Ok, I am forcing myself to go to bed now. I subscribed to emusic.com on the advice of a friend and it really is amazing. I downloaded a bunch of albums tonight including Painkiller’s Execution Ground, an old favorite that I let fall through the cracks…. I also downloaded some Scorn, which brings my mind back to Acheron my freshman year at CSH… Anyway, I think I am endorsing emusic.com, they have tons of good music, in regular old mp3 format, available for a monthly subscription… Pay them the small fee and get unlimited downloads… Give it a shot, they have a free trial.

My tooth situation has improved, it is now only sore, hopefully by morning it will be hunky-dory.

One thought on “emusic.com is cool

  1. I’ve got their unlimited subscription as well. i don’t think i’ve downloaded anything from them in the past month or two, but every so often, i’ll just pick a random album, or download everything by Elvis Costello or something like that. heehe

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