Power Supply

I got my new 550 Watt Power Supply today and installed it… Already the voltages look much better… My motherboard had the ATX12V connections on it but my old PS didn’t have the extra connections… These extra connections provide localized power for the CPUs and the video card… These connections are supposed to reduce voltage drop, which is what I think was causing my sporadic resets… Hopefully I am correct. :)

2 thoughts on “Power Supply

  1. Where’d you buy it from, and how loud is it? The bearings on all my power supply fans are shot to hell, so I need to either find good replacement fans, or just change out the power supplies.

    1. I ordered it from Page Computers who seem to have their shit together.

      The PS has two fans but is quieter than my old PS…. But until I replace my loud-ass proc fans it is pretty irrelevant… Those puppies are REAL loud and really override any other noise from the machine….

      Anyone know where I can get a good pair of P3 FCPGA quiet sinks?

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