Come on my Selector

While “Feed Me Weird Things” is my favorite Squarepusher album, “Come on my Selector” (off of the Big Loada EP) could be my favorite song from the Master Jenkinson.

4 thoughts on “Come on my Selector

  1. I really liked Music is Rotted One Note more than Go Plastic (as an album), but I haven’t heard too much of feed me wierd things… I’ll check it out.

    You might like Gridlock’s (latest?) album… kinda noisy with parts that remind me of autechre and some really light/airy portions.

  2. (unrelated to squarepusher, but related to jon whitney)

    I am so in love with godspeed you black emperor!, its not even funny.

    i’ve listened to f#a#oo and Slow Riot For Zero Kanada like 10 times in the past 2 days

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