Should I be a real dickhead and ask this interview candidate tough questions like “Explain the Fragile Base Class problem in OOP”?

3 thoughts on “Heheheh

  1. Asking a candidate to prove that they know the territory and aren’t just faking it does not make you a dickhead.

    Just remember it’s as important to hire smart and *nice* people as it is to find technically qualified people.

    1. But that question would just bust peoples balls. We aren’t particularly affected by FBC because of the strict nature of XPCOM/XPConnect interfaces. You could be, but you would have to go out of your way…

      1. I guess I’m saying it’s not a matter of busting balls – it’s a matter of seeing how much a person has immersed themselves in a particular world. It’s about feeling out their sphere and scope. Doesn’t matter how specifically related to your stuff it is. Besides, it’s your prerogative as interviewer to make em squirm..

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