Mmmm… Ulcerous Sores!

The doctor took a look at my throat… I don’t have strep throat, which is good, but apparently the sore throat is caused by some nice open sores on the left side of my throat! Yummy! He gave me a prescription for some 4-way mouthwash concoction that has all kinds of good stuff to get rid of this pain… He said that it should be gone in a day or two after this treatment. He also advised that I stay home from work tomorrow to avoid contagion… I asked him “Since my throat is the only thing that is bothering me, and i am not dizzy or anything, would it be alright to work from home?” He said it wouldn’t be a problem, so that’s good… :)

The nurse took my blood pressure before seeing the doctor, and she said that I had “Fantastic” blood pressure (110/60, which sounds a bit low to me…) I should probably go back for a physical…. It’s been 6 years since my last one…. But it is hard to justify when you feel pretty damn healthy… ;)

The goop that the doctor prescribed to me had to be assembled, and I had to go to 3 different pharmacies before I found one that had all the stuff necessary to make it…. I have to go back in an hour and change to pick it up…

One thought on “Mmmm… Ulcerous Sores!

  1. No, 110/60 is really quite good (some people, usually athletes, are known to even dip into the upper 50s).

    Unless, like, you know your blood pressure is normally 200/90 and you’re just suffered some massive trauma. In which case, you’re probably bleeding to death. HTH. HAND.

    Kidding aside, if you know what your pressure normally is, then by all means use it to evaluate your immediate readings (and tell your doc/nurse). Otherwise, don’t worry, 110/60 isn’t inhumanly low or anything. Your heart is obviously taking it easy, and that’s a good thing… ;-)

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