My dumb landlord

While I don’t think he reads this, I don’t really care if he does…

Our air-conditioning isn’t working at home, so I called the landlord to let him know that something was screwed up. He left a message for me this morning to let me know that he was infact ignorant and that THE COMPRESSORS HADN’T BEEN INSTALLED YET. You know, the compressors, the big box that sits outside of the house that makes warm air cold. HOW COULD YOU MISS THE FACT THAT


compressors hadn’t been installed?!??!! I mean, the concrete slabs they sit on aren’t even there… AARRGHAHAHHH!!!!

Supposedly everything is supposed to be in by friday, but my shower door was supposed to be in a month and a half ago, and he has been yanking my crank on that as well….

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