was supposed to visit this weekend, but she cancelled… Strangely enough, a few hours after she told me she couldn’t make it, mailed the lot of us here to see if he could crash as he was making a surprise visit to the boston area helping out a friend… Haven’t seen Jeff in awhile, so it was good catching up with him.. Rory and Matt got drunk enough to vomit repeatedly last night, and unfortunately Matt “didn’t quite make it” one time…. He cleaned it up, though, so I guess it could have been worse.. :)

I am going to meet Jon Whitney in a little while to return some Meat Beat Manifesto CDs to him as well as pick up a turntable he is giving away… I haven’t owned a turntable since my Fisher Price one, and I probably won’t use it much, but free IS free, and I am a sucker for free stuff… :)

Matt is making Baked Mac & Cheese tonight, which I am definately looking forward to after seeing the last episode of Good Eats… :)

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