Manual Routing Rules

Our route from the office to CSH is still awful (due to non-calling-before-digging) but through some creative manual routing I have managed to get around the bottleneck… I ssh to first, then from there I ssh to CSH. While GTI is slow, it is nowhere as slow as the current route from here at work to RIT. Forget BGP, I will take care of it from now on.. ;)

In other news, when I got to work this morning I had a package on my desk! Eagerly thinking that this package was my birthday presents from my parents, I ripped it open…. Imagine my surprise when inside the box was a copy of Quicken for Macintosh.. It was an amazon box, and I looked at the invoice and it was for someone else. I peeled up the label that had my address on it and saw the same information that was on the invoice. Yes, that’s right kids, UPS successfully received my redirection request, but put the label on the wrong package. Apparently my package is sitting in the holding room there. So some joker is coming out from UPS to get this other guy’s package, after which I am going to visit the CDC to make sure non of the Macintosh germs in that box have affected me in any way. I made the UPS guy commit to a time when my package will be delivered tonight, to my home… Supposedly I am getting it some time after 6pm, I will keep you posted on the details.

I have been thinking about this for a long time: this song is not only my favorite song in the whole world, but this particular performance of this song is my favorite performance of all time. Feel free to challenge me on this one, but you are wrong.

3 thoughts on “Manual Routing Rules

  1. It’s too late to be free of Mac germs – half your friends have infected you just by breathing in your direction.

    Know how you’re feeling about UPS right now – have been through similar.

    Shall not challenge you on Heaven – it absolutely is a lovely performance. Funny – this morning we’re listening to The Catherine Wheel for the first time in a long time. One of my favorite Byrne projects.

  2. ha! holy shit, you had me laughing pretty hard with this one. thanks, i needed that… (but i still think bgp does a better job than u hehe)

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