Amy left today, and I proceeded to celebrate my birthday all alone…. Surprising that the one roommate I would have pegged to forget my birthday ended up being the only one who remembered it. I have been really fucking depressed today, and I am just gonna go to bed now.. I will wake up, go to work, and not feel any better. Good night.

6 thoughts on “Hrm

  1. Dude, that sucks. I didn’t know until now that today (well, dammit, it’s still the 31st west of here, so it’s still “today”) was your birthday.

    I’d wish you a happy one, but… ermm, well, I guess after reading your post, that would be silly.

    How about, “Happy Postultimate Birthday!”

    yeah, I know, that’s a stretch…

  2. i didn’t forget your birthday… i’m sorry that you were alone, tho…

    hopefully u will be getting a package from me at work today tho. =)

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