Naked is a state of mind

I love good hacks. I love them more when then come from my head… :)

Today is my pappy’s birthday, but he is on vacation with my mom in Florida, so I don’t think I will actually have the opportunity to wish him well… If he is reading this, well, Happy Birthday!!

My birthday is coming up but I don’t even really realize it.. I guess it is my current workload dampening my perception of what is going on around me… It sounds like Amy might come up for a visit my birthday weekend and might come up the weekend after.. I like when my friends visit me, it helps keep me sane.. :P

2 thoughts on “Naked is a state of mind

  1. I love good hacks.

    I still love Duff’s Device. :]

    and for personal hacks, when I was working on “The Demo”, I figured out a neat way of doing quick fades using a lookup table rather than a series of subtracts and if’s… it bugged me because it was so obvious, and in the year of working on the code before that, I had never thought of doing that before.

    Up in second is performing 3-d X-Y-Z rotations on a Palette instead of a 3-dimensional object. It didn’t do what I expected it to do (rotate red to green, etc) but it was explainable and interesting regardless. :]

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