Damn near

If I didn’t live 15 minutes from work I would assuredly be sleeping there… Adam and I got the client side damn-near feature complete last night… He has to touch up stickynotes today and I have to do some policy enforcement stuff, but feature wise, things are looking good. I have to also finish up the two alternate booklists (my documents, and my bookmarks).

Unfortunately, there is a show-stopper bug in my court, which is going to mean a rewrite of the XML-RPC client… The client is apparently exacerbating some XPConnect bug (in 0.9.1) which is causing a memory corruption.. I could do without these last-minute kicks to the nuts… I asked adam to make the VPN work with the WinXP Cisco client so I could work from home this weekend… At least that gives me the illusion of not working, right?

My boss for the first time kind of implied that we would be working straight through the next two weekends… He said that after the end of the month we would be able to have some days off to make up for lost time… Perhaps I will go somewhere for a week….

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