Fun Weekend with Chuck

Chuck and I had lots of fun this weekend, mostly just chillin’ out and relaxing…. The high point was going out last night… First we went to Boston Billiards to shoot some pool and get a bite to eat… According to Chuck, the waitress was totally hitting on me, and I guess I could agree with him.. We both agreed that she seemed to be going above and beyond the “trying to get a good tip” realm (esp. since she was totally ignoring Chuck.. :P) That’s fine with me, because she surely was a cutie… :) Perhaps I will go back next weekend and see if she is still around… :)

Afterwards Chuck and I met , Melanie, and Mike (Mel’s friend) for a few drinks at Jake Ivory’s.. It was great to see Mz. Luis again, since I haven’t seen her since Rochester, and her friends were way-cool as well. The bar was okay, but being I am not in to the bar scene that much, standing around listening to bad musicians kinda got old after awhile… Chuck got tired of it as well and we hit the road after a little while since we had an early morning today (chuck’s return trip). Perhaps next time she is in town I will pick where we go… :P

Today I think I am going to wire the phone service using a terminal block (the electrician just twisted the wire up and used electrical tape, which isn’t a big deal until you want to add something to the mess.. :P) and clean up the network closet. When I talked to the electrician the other day he said that there is definately a data line up in this room, so I will have to grab a coat hanger and try to fish it out of the wall… Then I can return phone service to this room… :)

One thought on “Fun Weekend with Chuck

  1. bad musicians?!

    Hehe, see, you left before the conga line – ya know, when the *real* fun started. But, if you insist, next time it’s your choice. ;-)

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