7 thoughts on “Ruined my day

  1. That’s absolutely horrible. This article only makes it worse.

    The woman accused of leaving a hit-and-run victim to bleed to death in the windshield of her car giggled several months later as she told friends, “I hit this white man,” according to the police report filed against her.

    Authorities say they got several new details from a tipster on Feb. 25, leading to Mallard?s arrest on Wednesday, including an account that she parked the car with the wounded man stuck in the glass, went inside and had sex with her boyfriend, then returned with him to the garage to survey the situation.

    On Thursday, Mallard?s lawyer spoke with reporters, characterizing his client ? who worked as a nurse?s aide ? as scared, not villainous.

    “She is not the monster that police and prosecutors are making her out to be,” said her attorney, Mike Heiskell. “She was simply a frightened, emotionally distraught young woman who had an accident, panicked and made a wrong choice.”

    Biggs’ legs were broken and he suffered cuts, but he had no internal injuries that would have caused his death, according to the medical examiner’s office.

    Along with sending her to the chamber, they ought to disbar and hang that lawyer of hers. I couldn’t imagine being able to say that and still sleep at night.

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