A state of exhaust

I am really freaking tired today… I was up late packing up my shit, and I am still not done… To be fair to myself, though, I am approaching done.. I removed the 4 speakers from the wall and spackled/sanded the mounting holes. I disassembled my stereo and extracted the cable mess that kept it alive. Right now the only A/V equipment hooked up is the TiVo and the TV. I might leave the TiVo there until Wednesday night so I can record Good Eats… I am still uncertain if my cable will be turned on any time soon in the new place, so I figure I will hedge my bets.. :) Time for a little “note to self” action:

  • Find and pack all the various lamps and shit
  • Disassemble Kitchen Table. 8 bolts, no problem.

  • Disassemble Computer Desk. Lots of weird pieces, most likely will be a big bitch

  • Take a break to watch Battlebots, as a distraction from packing, to avoid going insane and bashing my head into the dirt

  • Pack up the bathroom (at least the essential toiletries)

  • Possibly disassemble the bed frame tonight and put the boxspring and mattress on the floor for the night… I very well might be far too lazy to do this
  • Empty dresser into garbage bags. Unmount mirror from dresser and wrap it carefully in comforter, to avoid creating shards of glass.
  • Finish packing up vital kitchen bits… mostly flatware and chemicals
  • Pack all the clothes on hangers in the closet..
  • Talk to Adam and see what the gameplan is for tomorrow

So that’s that. My parents are still coming up this weekend, and so if I just get tired of moving shit tomorrow I could just leave stuff until then.. I am just going to try to get a few of the big things moved tomorrow (at a minimum) so I can hopefully sleep in the new place for the rest of the week… If I end up moving everything tomorrow, well, then my parents can just come up and help me settle in and hang out without needing to schlep. I doubt they will mind. :)

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