My Left Foot….

…hurts… I am not quite sure what’s wrong with it… I am sure it will go away soon enough…

I have been packing just one or two boxes a night, but I think that pace is going well… All my books are packed, as well as my desk (save my filecabinet, which I just need one of those file boxes to transfer the folders into). I need to pack up my movies and music, as well as my kitchen, but I think I will save those until a day or two before I actually move (for somewhat obvious reasons). I might pack up SOME of the kitchen tonight, but we will see… Other than those two things, I have to toss my clothes into garbage bags, and disassemble my a/v equipment, but both those should be any trouble (Mental Note: Make sure to remove all CD’s & DVD’s from their respective players before unplugging them)..

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