After work I went over Adam’s to grab the boxes he picked up for me…. The boxes sell for a hair less than 2 bucks a piece, and I gave Adam $20 and expected 10 boxes… Well, when Adam got there the guy behind the counter said “I will give you 25 for $20 bucks, you know, so I don’t have to ring up the sale…” Riiiight… :) Anyway, so the boxes were cheaper than I expected!

We went to Kokopeli Chili for dinner, and we both got the combo meals (3 kinds of chili w/ chips) but we got different kinds… Adam wasn’t too thrilled, but I really enjoyed 2/3 of the ones I had. The one that wasn’t so hot was their “hottest” chili which wasn’t that hot at all, but instead tasted like IPA (they must have put way too much beer in it)… It just had this strong taste, and being that I don’t like beer, I could do without that.. :)

On the way home from work today I stopped to pick up the new Boards of Canada album Geogaddi, and while I was there I also scored a Dan “The Automator” compiliation that has a bunch of his remixes and songs he has done with other people. I mean, I like Dan, but I really bought it for the title: “Wanna Buy a Monkey?” It made me laugh.. :)

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    1. both albums are good eh? :)

      I have only listened to Geogaddi, which I think I like, but I will give it a few more listens before deciding.

      is your icon there a reference to heathers?

      Sure is! I always thought “Big Fun” was hysterical.

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