Ok, I guess its time to go to bed… The chocolate syrup is yummy, but it is too thick to make chocolate milk with, which is disappointing… It will be superb on ice cream, however. :) Next time I make it I won’t let it thicken so much…

I am not quite sure what I am doing this weekend… I need to do laundry, for sure, and I should probably start packing for my move in two weeks… I could do some work at work as well, but I might just enjoy the long weekend FWIW. It looks like the phone was turned on in the new place today, so I should know early next week if we can get DSL… If not, I will call the cable company, who has said that we can get a cable modem there. Adam and Rory will certainly be happy to get away from dialup… :)

Adam talked about going to the Museum of Science tomorrow to catch an IMAX film… I might join him and Helen in this escapade… :)

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